3 Great Breakfast Restaurants Near the Milwaukee Airport

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Breakfast Near the Milwaukee Airport

Getting to the airport early for a flight can be a lot of work and it can be very stressful. Often times you leave the house in such a hurry that you forget to eat breakfast or maybe you just do not want to cook for yourself on a day when you are traveling. Luckily there are tons of great breakfast restaurants around the Milwaukee airport that you can stop at. Whether you have a long layover, just need a bite to eat, or just landed and need breakfast right away, these restaurants will be great to choose from.

Number one, a family and fan favorite, Dennys!!

Who doesn’t love Denny’s? You can’t go wrong taking your crew to Denny’s before or after a long flight. They have something for everyone. Grab bottomless coffee, stacks of pancakes or some of the best biscuits and gravy around. With their great prices you could probably even try them all. They have a deals menu that features specials so you can get tons of food for sometimes as little as three dollars. If you have not eaten a Denny’s you must give it a try. It is an American favorite. You will not need to make a reservation, especially if you have a small group going. However they can get pretty packed so if you have a group going, you might want to call in advance and double check that you can all be seated. They are open 24 hours, have the best breakfast and use high quality ingredients making you the best food to fuel your day. You will never start your travel day wrong if you start it at Denny’s!

Find Great Denny’s Coupons

Denny’s is one of out top choices when heading out to breakfast near the airport as we mentioned. One of the best things about going to Denny’s is not only is the food and service always amazing, but we always have 20% off Denny’s coupons we can print and bring with us!

Number 2, a cute breakfast joint called the Engine Company 3.

Engine Company 3 is a hip restaurant is located near the Milwaukee airport in a converted fire station, talk about hipster joints. They are a local brunch place that is a favorite of all the people in the area. This cozy location has great cocktails, so make it your one stop destination if you just landed and want a yummy brunch and a great start to your vacation. They serve all of Wisconsin’s local delights. Just keep in mind that they are not open 24/7. They are closed every Monday so do not plan on going if you fly on a Monday, you will just get there and be disappointed. They want you to choose their breakfast as a local Milwaukee favorite. They recommend that you grab a reservation with them and they require you to make your reservations at least 24 hours in advance, so if you are going to fly into Milwaukee make sure that you plan ahead a bit.

Number 3 is a not so little joint called the Mad Rooster.

This is an offbeat family joint that is housed in a refurbished old barn. They claim to have mad flavor and mad style. This Mad Rooster is right up there with number two for being as hipster as they get. They have their own blend of fresh brewed coffee that you can buy by the bag or by the cup. They are a local neighborhood favorite because of their secret family recipes that keep their food just one notch above the competitors. Of all three restaurants know that this is one is going to be a bit higher in price then the other two, as it features more locally grown items and tons of family secrets. You can charge more for secret recipes you know! With their fresh coffee or orange juice squeezed right on the spot, they promise to bring your taste buds to life. They are open Monday-Sunday but keep in mind that they do close at 3, so this is a strictly breakfast/lunch joint. Go and give them a visit for their fresh ingredients and delicious fruit smoothies.

Check out this great video showing The Mad Rooster!

To Sum It All Up

Milwaukee is an awesome city with tons of things to do. So whether you have one week there, or one day, make sure that you grab a bite to eat at at least one of these famous Milwaukee breakfast joints. You will not be disappointed. If you have the time, you should try to hit up all three, and then you’ll be the expert and you can share your new breakfast secrets with all your friends and family. Happy dining in Milwaukee!