Best Place to Find Rental Cars in Beaumont, TX

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During your travels, either vacation or business travels, you may need a means of transportation and renting a car seem to be the best choice. This is because it is could save you from having to wait for public transport or incurring cost every time you order a taxi. But at Beaumont Texas, there are many car rental dealers and choosing which dealer to rent from might prove difficult. Having considered factors such as:

Low Fuel Consumption

To any unforeseen problems in your trip, you should carefully consider the type of car you wish to rent in consideration to the amount of fuel and whom you are traveling with such as children.

Geographic Features of Your Location

Considering the geographical location of the areas around Beaumont Texas and also outside Beaumont, you should be able to make a choice on the type of car you wish to rent. Thus, the rental that will rent you a car should be able to give you a map, seat belts for your children or any other safety equipment.

Prices and Real Time Services

Before renting car, you should compare prices of the different auto rental companies to choose which is convenient to you. Also, take into consideration the services offered by the company and their stuffs such as the drivers and choose the best.

Hidden Cost and Taxes

Most websites do not post the right price of renting a car on their websites and only surprise you when you have already arrived at the location with an actual price of the car. To avoid such, you should call and enquire the right price and also other local taxes involved.

Eastex Auto Rentals is the best place to rent a car in Beaumont TX by far.

What Eastex Auto Rentals is About

It provides rental cars ranging from the latest models such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC, which are also characterized by their dependability, reliable, and also affordable. Compared to other car rental dealers, Eastex Auto Rentals have well equipped staffs, who are knowledgeable in matters, cars and transportation. Similarly, Eastex Auto Rentals has a variety of competitive rates offering daily, weekly and monthly on their economy cars, trucks, SUV and minivans.

Fleet Offered at Eastex Auto Rentals

It has been known for its best fleet in General Motors (GM) and with the favorable prices compared to other car rentals in Beaumont Texas.

• Chevy Cruze
• Buick Encore
• Chevy Sonic
• Chevy Impala
• GMC Acadia
• Cadillac CTS2.0
• Chevy Malibu
• GMV Sierra
• Chevy Silverado
• Chevy Express


Eastex auto rentals, located at Beaumont Texas offer special fleets which are normally the latest models with a low mileage. These cars are also new and from the factory. You make a reservation and a car will be ready for you.


Whenever you are at Beaumont Texas, and in need to rent a car, your best dealer to rent a car from is Eastex Auto Rentals because of their excellent services and the services they provide such as drivers. Their cars are clean and ready at your for your vacation. As such, Eastex Auto Rentals provides the best option when you want to rent a car in Beaumont, TX.