Car Issues You Can’t Ignore Or Risk Having a Junk Car

Guy Working on a Junk Car

A lot of car owners simply just ignore the dashboard lights in their cars until they stall on the road and have to call for a tow. The check engine light along with a handful of other car symptoms means that there is something wrong with your car that needs looking into. Ignoring them may cost you more or risk your car as a junk car.

Check Engine Light

check the dashboard lights to avoid junk carAccording to, the most common cause of a check engine light issue is the emission system. It could be a faulty oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter that is not operating at optimum levels. Another problem may also be that the purge valve is stuck open or the gas cap is loose. It could be a number of issues that affects your car so it is best that you have someone look into it rather than wait for a problem that may cost you more to repair later on.

Head Gasket Defect

If you are familiar of the sound of bubbles when you blow into a straw from a glass of chocolate milk, that is the sound of a blown head gasket, the moment you turn a hot engine off. A leaking head gasket results in overheating problems, poor engine cooling performance, oil leaks and more. The head gasket leak may be caused by a gasket failure but it may also be that it has warped the cylinder head due to too much heat as the combustion chamber heat burns through the gasket itself.

Repairing a head gasket is very expensive and ranges between $1500 to $3,500 dollars. And if you have a blown head gasket for quite a long time, it is possible to also crack the cylinder head which will require replacement.


Preventive Maintenance To Avoid Being A Junk Car

preventive maintenance is the key to avoiding a junk carPreventive maintenance is key to ensure your vehicle is running in optimum condition. However, there are instances when the car is too old or at the end of its life, that you need to entertain other options. If your car is too expensive to repair than its actual value, a good option is to sell it as a junk car. It’s better to earn some money off it than have it rust away at your garage. Talk to a reputable junk car dealer today.